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Common Questions

How does your service differ from online dating websites?

We differ from online dating because we are 100% personalized to each individual, like a traditional Matchmaker.  We meet and screen all invididuals who are interested in our services in our office to make sure they are who they say they are, that they are safe, and stable individuals who are serious about dating.  Once you are a member, we do all the work for you so you do not have to spend hours e-mailing back and forth before meeting someone.  

There are other Nebraska dating services around that call themselves "matchmakers," so how is Omaha Love different? 

We allow you to see our members photos and profiles so you can ultimately decide if you're attracted to someone before you accept a date.  We also do not limit your dates.  Anyone that sells you a number of dates is a dating service! Keep in mind these are dates and likely not suitable matches.  We are the only locally owned and operated service within hundreds of miles of Nebraska. We also are unique in that we host speed dating and singles events.  

How much does your service cost?

We have different services that we offer so it really just depends on the service that is best for you.  Some of our memberships are comparable in price to online dating sites.  We never let finances get in the way of us working with someone who will be an asset to our organization.

Is it safe? 

Yes!  We use a very thorough process to ensure the safety of our members. We meet everyone to verify that they are who they say they are and run criminal background checks on every person accepted into membership.  We also approve all member photos to make sure they are current and appropriate.  Dates are set at a neutral location and no personal information is given out prior to your date.

What kind of people do you work with?

We work with all ages from 21 up.  We screen our clients to make sure they are stable (emotionally and financially), ready to start dating, and have no extensive criminal histories.  We work with a diverse group of people who all have the common goal of finding love. 

Does Omaha Love just work with people in Omaha?

No, we typically work with people within about 100 mile radius of Omaha.  However, if you are very interested in using our services and live further than that please touch base with Courtney.  She may make an exception for you if you are a great fit for our service!

Do you set up blind dates? 

No.  You get to see every person's profile and current photo before you meet.  You also will receive their number to chat briefly prior to meeting.

Do you limit the number of matches I recieve? 

No. Matches are unlimited, and we set dates at your convenience based the schedule you provide us.  However, we don't promise or guarantee a certain number since we cannot say how many matches there may be for you at any given time. Your Matchmaker will only suggest what could be called a fully qualified and screened possible match for both sides.

Tell me more about your matchmakers.

Think of your matchmaker as your own personal Cupid! In addition to finding you a romantic relationship, you will also build a close relationship with your matchmaker. We offer advice, date feedback, and guidance on your journey to find love. In turn each client has to be as honest as possible and realistic with their expectations in order to find their best match. Professional Matchmakers are a rare and special breed and their job is not easy, if it was, anyone could do it and there would be no single people!