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Carolina and Ryan

Married December 2014

Omaha Love takes the guessing work out of bad dating choices! The team of Alison and Courtney are both very professional, patient, and spot on with matchmaking. I was new to town from Florida in November 2012. They set me up with quality, fun, and successful professional singles. They guided, encouraged, and coached me on dating in the Midwest. I made some really great girl and guy friends and experienced some awesome events, like baseball games, happy hours, trivia night, and jazz concert. Eventually I met my handsome and very perfect match, Ryan, in June of 2013 at a Happy Hour event at Capitol. We are best friends and he really was my missing puzzle piece. He was the guy I never wanted our dates to end and spend countless hours talking on the phone...I still can't get enough of him. We are two peas in a pod, and we are the happiest we ever have been. Omaha Love is the real DREAM team. They were mine at least. Could they be yours? Try them out. You have nothing to lose, except your potential life long partner. They will listen to you and take care of the rest! Don't miss out!

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