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Erin and Joe

Married April 2011

I thought it was a bit silly to sign up for a dating service at firts, but since I was never tht good at meeting people on my own, I decided to give Omaha Love a try. I was really nervous for my first date, but I brought some flowers for her because it was the night before Valentine's Day. That date ended up lasting 3 hours, and it wasn't long before we felt like we were old friends. Eight months later, I gave her a ring and now she is my wife. Thank you for introducing me to my better half.    -Joe

I joined Omaha Love because a friend convinced me to. I didn't really want to and didn't expect to follow through when I met with Courtney. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. It took six months and mnay first dates before I found someone I wanted a second date with. Joe and I me the day before Valentine's day and we've been together since. We got engaged only right months together and we married in April. If it weren't for Omaha Love I never would have met Joe. He is a perfect match for me and I can't wait to start our life together!   -Erin


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