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Theresa and Chad

Married October 2014

After many years of online dating and many first dates, I decided to join Omaha Love. I remember the interview with Courtney, explaining to her my likes and dislikes, the characteristics of the man of my dreams. It was during that conversation that I could see the wheels in her head spinning I believe she already knew that Chad was the man for me. Thinking back on the questions she asked, they described Chad to a T.  I will admit the man I was describing to Courtney was the total opposite of Chad, therefore proving that  you do not always know what you want.  I did however know what I did not want.

On July 09, 2014 I met Chad for the first time. He walked towards me as I parked and when I saw him I cannot lie, I thought to myself "Thank you, can I get an Amen?" His smile was infectious. The night was wonderful, a few drinks and great conversation; even a game of pool (which I found out later that he let me win). It was one of those nights that you didn't  want to end. We met the next night for dinner, more laughter and conversation. Omaha Love listened to me and showed me that what I was saying and what I was wanting were totally different things. Chad proposed to me two months after we met. 

We married Oct 18th, 2014. When it is right you just know, andI knew it was right. When you have strangers tell you that you "look like you were made for each other," it just reinforces the feelings that we have for one another. My only regret is not joining Omaha Love sooner,  because Chad was there looking for me.

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