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Amanda and Andrew

Married June 2013

Prior to joining Omaha Love dating service I had tried online dating, the bar scene, and having friends set me up on dates. With a busy schedule, being a single mom and going through school, I was tired of trying to find any Omaha professional singles to date. Omaha Love matchmaking was different, as they did back ground checks on singles(which made me feel much safer meeting a strange man for a first date) and had an array of events to meet different people.

 Andrew and I first met at Fox and Hound for a date set up by my matchmaker. I was still very new to Omaha Love and had only been on a couple of dates since joining, but knew after talking with Andrew for just a few minutes there was a special connection. At the end of that date, he asked me for a second date! And then a third, and a fourth...and from those dates our relationship grew. A year and a half after that first date at Fox and Hound we were in Tennessee for a family reunion when Andrew proposed to me in front of a beautiful waterfall. I feel so blessed to have found a man that I can share my interests, love, and life with. Thanks to Omaha Love I will be marrying Andrew, my best friend and soul mate.     


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