Barry and Judy

Together Since August 2016

I noticed Barry on Omaha Love's database when I started working with my matchmaker.  Unfortunately, he was unavailable at the time I was interested in meeting him...However, it led to a very coincidental meeting! 

We ended up meeting at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Millard.    I  noticed a very handsome, tall gentleman sitting next to me and I thought, "what can I do to meet this man?  What can I do to get his attention?"  And, of course, at this moment I thought to myself "why did I pick today to wear my workout clothes and flipflops to church." Then, it was time for communion and he said, "Come on!  Get up and get going!"  I could feel him breathing down my neck. The closing hymn...I decided to exit a fast as I could to get out of there!  And after two days of family and friends encouraging me to make contact with him; we met face-to-face. Barry said, "Church Lady!  I knew I would see you again!", and I've been by his side ever since! I don't think I ever would have pursued meeting him, had I not have seen him as an Omaha Love member.  I knew that he had been vetted and screened by the ladies there and felt he was a safe man to meet!

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