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Alison David

Director of Matchmaking, Dating Coach

Alison was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska, where psychology and behavior was an area that greatly interested her. She has been with Omaha Love since 2010, and is matchmaker to the majority of it's members. Alison has been setting friends and co-workers up on dates as long as she can remember, a quality she attributes to her mother, making her a second generation matchmaker. Since her start with Omaha Love, her intuitive gift has led many members to their perfect match on their very first date. Alison also is a Dating Coach for clients who need a little extra love when it comes to dating.  

Alison has an active life outside of Omaha Love, as a full time soccer mom to her daughter. She can identify with single parents trying to navigate the dating game, while maintaining a happy home life as well. She has been in a happy, long term relationship for many years with her  partner John.