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Sena Eicher

Lisa Smith, Matchmaker

Sena is a seasoned matchmaker with nation-wide experience in professional matchmaking and relationship coaching, who started her career in Beverly Hills, California in 2010. Sena has since helped hundreds of couples find serious relationships, engagements and marriage. Her strong intuition, honesty, and genuine nature make  her respected and enjoyable to work with. She connects best with open-minded clients who are willing and eager to make positive changes in themselves, which in turn helps prepare them for meeting their perfect match. Her coaching expertise includes self-improvement, the Law of Attraction, and the roles of men and women in dating. 

A California native, Sena graduated California State University, Northridge with degrees in journalism and sociology, and is a published writer. She has lived in Omaha since 2014, after falling in love with a local while in Nebraska visiting relatives. They have been married for several years, and have a beautiful little boy together named Owen. 

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